Book on Young and Older Vulnerable Workers

The new book  “Vulnerable Workers in Times of Social Transformations: Discrimination and Participation of Young and Older Workers, and Social Dialogue Stances” (Edizioni Cá Foscari, 2015)  by Olga Jubany and Fabio Perocco eds. has been published, as part of the Societá e transformazioni Sociali (Society and Social Transformations) series.

Grounded on ethnographic insights from workers, unions and employers, this book explores discrimination of vulnerable workers and unions’ approach to it through questions like: how are welfare retrenchment policies confronted? Is a zero-sum approach a cost-distribution strategy? Does social dialogue integrate the age/gender intersection? To expose the way social and work transformations are impinging on vulnerable age workers, and on society as a whole.

Click here for more information and access to a PDF version of the book.