Malin Roiha
PhD Researcher

Malin Roiha

Malin Roiha holds a BA in Social Anthropology and Gender Studies and an MA in Social Anthropology from Stockholm University. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Department of Anthropology of the UB. Her research interests include areas related to gender, migration, racism, hate speech and social exclusion.

At the ESRU she is responsible for the elaboration of research proposals for calls at the European level, and is currently involved in the coordination of SupportVoC and the research of the REACT project.

Ms. Roiha’s recent publications and working papers include:

  • Jubany, O. and Roiha, M. (2018) Las palabras son armas. Discurso de odio en la red. Barcelona: Edicions UB.
  • Jubany, O. and Roiha, M. (2015) Backgrounds, Experiences and Responses to Online Hate Speech: A Comparative Cross-Country Analysis, PRISM Workstream 1 Report.
  • Roiha, M, Jubany, O and Güell, B (2013) Barcelona: Symptoms and causes of inequality affecting young people, CITISPYCE Work Package 2 City Report
  • Saccinto, E., Vallès, L., Hilterman, E. , Roiha, M., Pietrantoni, L. and Pérez-Testora, C (2013) “Perceived Self-efficacy during an Emergency Situation Reduces Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms” in The Spanish Journal of Psychology, Volume 16, January 2013
  • Roiha, M, Vallès, L. & Jubany, O. (2012) “El comportamiento humano en situaciones de crisis: resultados de un estudio europeo sobre víctimas de emergencias y la actuación de los profesionales”, Revista Catalana de Seguretat Pública, No 25, March 2012.