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The European Social Research Unit (ESRU) is integrated in the Department of Social Anthropology of the University of Barcelona, and works closely with the Research Group on Gender, Identity and Diversity (GENI). Dedicated to developing applied and academic anthropological research in the fields of identity, discrimination, othering and social control, the ESRU provides a strategic, integrated approach to understanding sex-gendered constructs, racism and racialized identities, and migration processes. Currently, at the ESRU, we are conducting research on the specific areas of online hate speech, LGBT-phobia, asylum processes, and victims’ support systems. The research undertaken by the ESRU stems from the ethnographic tradition of anthropology, adopting the intersectional approach whilst reconciling the in-depth conceptual debate with a pragmatic analytical framework, allowing for our findings to go beyond analysis to produce applied outcomes.

Staff Members

Dr. Olga Jubany
Associate Professor Director of the European Social Research Unit

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PROF. Joan Bestard Camps
Professor Emeritus

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DR. Rosa Lázaro Castellanos
Researcher and lecturer

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Dr. Jordi Mas Grau
Researcher and Lecturer

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Malin Roiha
PhD Researcher

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Alèxia Rué
PhD Researcher

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Research Projects


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