The PEARL project comes to an end!

This week, the PEARL consortium concluded its two-year effort with the Final Project Event in Paris. Dedicated to developing the PEARL e-course and a Toolbox for professionals, on December 11th, we proudly unveiled the project outcomes and launched the online participatory space along with the inaugural issue of the PEARL magazine.

The comprehensive e-course targets young individuals keen on understanding their rights in formal and informal democratic processes. Tailored to various administrative statuses and legislations across participating countries (France, Austria, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, and Spain), the course promotes existing initiatives for those with limited participation rights. Additionally, it serves as a valuable resource for professionals working with young non-EU nationals, offering a detailed introduction that supports the creation of educational materials and participation activities.

The toolbox, designed for professionals, enhances the e-course by presenting lesson plans across five participation dimensions (understanding politics, communication, intermediation, and dispute facilitation, empathy, and resource management). It also provides supplementary information and sources aligned with the e-course content.

Our digital participatory space, an online forum facilitated by ambassadors selected from the young participants in PEARL’s research and e-course, is geared toward young individuals, particularly those with a migration history or without EU nationality. This space encourages discussions on key issues identified throughout the project, focusing particularly on those that hinder or promote democratic participation. This initiative is complemented by our online magazine, where PEARL ambassadors contribute curated articles based on forum discussions.

We’re pleased to announce that all project results will remain accessible and open even after the conclusion of the project, ensuring ongoing availability for those seeking valuable insights on democratic participation.

You can access all these resources on the project website.